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Source: efluxMedia

Tuesday, Mozilla fixed several security flaws in their Firefox web browser, including six that were deemed as having been critical because they enabled hackers to hijack the browser’s users while they were surfing the Internet.

Firefox 3.0.5, the latest version Mozilla released, fixed numerous bugs that could have allowed hackers to run malware and thus shut down systems or steal information from an affected computer.

Another one of the critical flaws reported by Mozilla was related to the XBL binding and could have enabled attackers to violate the same origin policy and then run arbitrary JavaScript when the binding was attached to an Internet page yet to be loaded.

Along with the critical bugs, the 3.0.5 update also fixed a deemed by Mozilla as important vulnerability, which hackers could have exploited to redirect users to a malicious site in order for the former to conduct data-theft.

In addition, the Firefox version released Tuesday fixed a number of 10 errors in Firefox 2, updating the latter to version

Mozilla announced that the release was the final one before officially pulling the plug on Firefox 2.0, adding that the Phishing Protection service protecting the browser’s users from malicious attacks would no longer be available for the older version of Firefox.


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