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Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Excel

Source: USCERT

Microsoft has released Security Advisory 968272 to address reports of
a vulnerability in Microsoft Office Excel. By convincing a user to
open a specially crafted Excel document, an attacker may be able to
execute arbitrary code.

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Multiple vulnerabilities in Flash Player

Source: USCERT

Adobe has released Security Bulletin APSB09-01 to address multiple vulnerabilities in Flash Player. These vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code, cause a denial of service condition, conduct Clickjacking attacks, or operate with escalated privileges.

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Pro-life pastor face jail time

Source: onenewsnow

An Oakland, California, pastor could face jail time for expressing his pro-life views.
Pastor Walter Hoye ran into trouble with an abortion clinic while doing an informational picket. Dennis Howard, leader of The Movement for a Better America, believes Hoye is innocent.

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Adobe Reader and Acrobat vulnerability

Source: USCERT

Adobe Acrobat Reader is software designed to view Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Adobe also distributes the Adobe Acrobat Plug-In to allow users to view PDF files inside of a web browser. Adobe Reader and Acrobat contain a buffer overflow vulnerability in the handling of JBIG2 streams.

By convincing a user to open a malicious PDF file, an attacker may be able to execute code or cause a vulnerable PDF viewer to crash. The PDF could be emailed as an attachment or hosted on a website.


  1. Disable JavaScript in Adobe Reader and Acrobat
  2. Prevent Internet Explorer from automatically opening PDF documents
  3. Disable the displaying of PDF documents in the web browser
  4. Do not access PDF documents from untrusted source

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