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The president of Operation Rescue is comparing Barack Obama to the “emperor with no clothes.

During President Obama’s controversial commencement speech at Notre Dame on Sunday, he called for “fair-minded words” to be used in the abortion debate and urged both sides to find common ground. Troy Newman of Operation Rescue adds that Obama stated science and medicine should also be allowed to speak into the issue.

“I completely agree — Operation Rescue completely agrees with this statement,” says Newman, “because in the last 36 years, every single piece of scientific and medical [evidence] and technology advance has proven the fact that human life begins at the moment the seed and egg unite and ought to continue all the way through natural birth.”

Troy NewmanNewman also is encouraged by a recent Gallup poll that shows more than 50 percent of Americans consider themselves pro-life.

“The entire world is not in favor of Mr. Obama — but in fact, there’s a growing opposition to his radical, far-left, pro-abortion agenda,” the pro-life leader argues.

“Mr. Obama does not speak on issues of faith and morality. He’s lost his crown, and the emperor has no clothes — it’s clear to see that. And I would say that this is the beginning of the demise and the self-destruction that Mr. Obama is sowing for himself.”

During his presidential campaign, Obama told Pastor Rick Warren that the issue of when life begins is “above [his] pay grade.”


Comments on: "Pro-lifer senses growing opposition to Obama’s agenda" (1)

  1. Nordicelt said:

    Well,..of course “Life”,begins at the moment that the “sperm cell enters the egg.” It is a scientific “given” that any organic entity, that has a working metabolism, & is “Growing}, is, by defnition,..ALIVE,..Accordingly,..since a fertilized egg,..meets those criteria, it IS alive,..& since it is made up of HUMAN DNA,..We know that it is HUMAN,..therefore, a fertilized egg,,..a LIVING,..human being, the early stages of developement. But it really dosen’t matter to the “ABORTIONEERING”, crowd, anyway, whether it is alive, or not,..because, they claim the “right to abort,..that is to kill, unborn, child, even during the “later”, stages of a pregnancy, when there is no longer any “question”, as to whether, the unborn child is “alive”, or not. They like to use such “Warm & Fuzzy”, terms as “A Woman’s Right to Choose”, what to do with “Her”, body,..But, even this sophistry, is shown to be, nothing more, than a verbal, “smokescreen”, for what is, nothing, more or less, than the MURDER, of an unborn child,..The ultimant, hipocracy, of the ABORTIONEER, crowd, is that, they, even, claim, the right to, deliberately, KILL a CHILD, who happens to make it out of the womb alive,..That is to say,..They,..will deliberately, KILL,..a living, healthy baby, that is OUTSIDE. of the mother’s body,..& completely, separate, from the mother,..So it all has nothing to do, with a woman having “control”, of “HER”, body,..because the “Baby”, is no longer “IN” the woman’s body,..So, of course, this is MURDER,..pure & simple,..There is, clearly, an agenda, backed by, very powerfull, forces, working behnd the sceens, that are pushing, this “ABORTION” program,..We can only speculate, to exactly, who they are, & as to what their ultimate goals are,..But I suspect that it goes something like this,..Today,..abortion is “permissable”, Tomarrow, abortion, will be “desireable,..& The day “after” tomarrow, abortion, will be,..”manditory”,..The worship of “MOLOCH”, is alive & well, in early twenty-first century America,..We are living in dark,..dark days,…& I fear that there are, even, darker days, yet to come,…

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