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Americans for Prosperity has launched a new website aimed at exposing the hidden agenda behind climate legislation.

The website seeks to expose the hidden tax in the so-called “cap-and-trade” bill in Congress and other climate legislation. Peggy Venable is the director of the Texas branch of Americans for Prosperity.

“[Cap-and-trade] truly is a tax because it will impose a higher cost of doing business on everything — and not just electricity and gasoline at the gas pump, but also in anything that we purchase that is transported, everything from food to any goods or services,” she explains.

Venable says the website is loaded with information on cap-and-trade. She adds many politicians have signed a pledge on the website that basically states they will not support any type of climate tax.

The Americans for Prosperity spokeswoman hopes that as the truth gets out, cap-and-trade legislation will be abandoned.


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