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Source: Onenewsnow

The Obama administration will pay $2.6 million to train China’s prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job.

The researcher conducting the program told that the purpose of the project is to develop an intervention program targeting HIV risk and alcohol use “female sex workers” (prostitutes). but Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel believes it is an incredibly irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars and calls it liberal and politically correct.

“Rather than passing any kind of judgment against demonstrably immoral and high-risk behavior — in this case, prostitution — the liberal seeks to ‘tolerate’ that behavior and ignores its root cause and the ills that it creates,” he contends. “Instead, they want to enact some kind of silly and ineffective, feel-good measure to rationalize that they areMatt Barber somehow doing something and that the problem is being addressed.”

He fears that will lead to people enabling offenders, adding that when that tight rope inevitably snaps, those who have been duped by political correctness often plunge to their spiritual, emotional, and even physical death and pull society down with them.

The federal grant is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. The researcher estimates there may be as many as ten million female prostitutes in China.


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