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Source: Onenewsnow

A legislative specialist is not enthusiastic about Obama’s new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.

The Obama administration recently rolled out new CAFE and emission standards for new automobiles. The new standards will impose California’s existing automobile standards on the rest of the country. Proponents believe that raising the CAFE standards to 35.5 mpg will lower gas prices and help America become energy independent. Zonia Pino is with The Heartland Institute.

“This…just seems like another intrusion by the federal government,” she contends. “This is something that hasn’t worked terribly well in California, and I don’t think it’s going to work on the federal level either.”

Zonia Pino (The Heartland Institute)Pino believes the new standards amount to another tax. “It’s going to cost us, I think they are saying, $1,800 more per car to meet the standards,” she adds. “And I don’t think in the end we’re really going to see the lower gas prices.”

She admits she is not surprised that the auto industry seems to be on board, seeing that they have received a lot of federal tax money to stay afloat.


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