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Source: Onenewsnow

An important decision will come soon on whether residents of Washington, DC, will have the chance to reverse a decision by their city council.

Last month, the Council of the District of Columbia passed an ordinance recognizing homosexual “marriages” legal in other jurisdictions. While Congress has oversight if it acts within 30 days, the ordinance is expected to become law through inaction. However, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has introduced legislation that would negate the Council’s vote.

Attorney Tim Tracy of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) says proponents of the Council’s decision argue banning homosexual marriage violates the city’s human rights law on the basis of sexual orientation. He labels the situation “kind of anomalous.”

A group of citizens is asking the DC Election Commission to give citizens the right to determine policy on this matter, but it appears likely they will not call an election. The ADF attorney says the answer to that will be a lawsuit.


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