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Source: TechRepublic & CIS

Learn about the many options that can be leveraged to increase security of the Apple iPhone.

1: Make sure firmware is up to date

2: Disable Wi-Fi when not in use

3: Disallow automatic association to networks

4: Turn Bluetooth off when not being used

5: Disable location services until needed :  Turning location services off doesn’t immediately increase security; it just prevents the user’s location from being published.

6: Set a passcode

7: Erase data if too many wrong passcodes are entered

8: Erase data before returning or repairing the iPhone

9: Disable SMS preview: Even when the iPhone is locked, it’s still possible to preview a recently received text message.

10: Disable JavaScript and plug-ins in Safari


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  1. Apple said a new version of its hot-selling iPhone will be launched this month and that the price of an earlier model was dropping to US$99 (HK$772.20).

    Vice president of marketing Phil Schiller made the announcements at an annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco bereft of any sign of chief executive Steve Jobs.

    Schiller said the iPhone 3GS, which can capture video for the first time, will be available from June 19.

    ”The ‘S’ stands for speed, because this is the most powerful iPhone we’ve ever made,” Schiller said. ”What is inside is entirely new.”

    He said the 16-gigabyte 3GS, pictured, will cost US$199 while the 32-gigabyte model will cost US$299.

    Schiller also said a next-generation iPhone 3.0 operating system will be released worldwide on June 17 as a free upgrade to owners of the smartphones.

    Enhancements crafted into the 3.0 operating system include speedy video downloading and customization to additional languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Korean.

    A new ”Find My iPhone” feature lets people use an Apple online Mobile Me service to locate lost or stolen devices.

    ”It will show you on a map where your phone is,” Forstall said. ”You can send it a message and it plays an alert sound whether or not you left it in silent mode.”

    Apple also launched upgraded MacBooks while cutting prices on its historically high-end laptop line.


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