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Source: infosecurity

News, yesterday, of the latest censorship actions targeting BlackHat presenters. This time, Juniper Networks has muffled the presentation slated for the hack confab by Barnaby Jack, an employee of the networking concern. Not surprisingly, his presentation, focused on Automated Teller Machine vulnerabilities, was seen as a threat. A short snippet of the original news item appears after the jump.

From the original Risky.Biz post: “Juniper Networks Gags “ATM Jackpot” Researcher

“RISKY.BIZ EXCLUSIVE — A demonstration in which security researcher Barnaby Jack would “jackpot” an ATM live on stage at the upcoming Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas has been pulled by his employer. Security and network device vendor Juniper Networks forced Mr. Jack to cancel his presentation, an anticipated highlight of the Black Hat event, following pressure from the affected ATM vendor. The demonstration would have seen the researcher hack an ATM live on stage, causing it to spit out cash, or “jackpot”. “The affected ATM vendor has expressed to us concern about publicly disclosing the research findings before its constituents were fully protected,” a statement issued by Juniper Networks reads. “Considering the scope and possible exposure of this issue on other vendors, Juniper decided to postpone Jack’s presentation until all affected vendors have sufficiently addressed the issues found in his research…”


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