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Source: networkworld

According to one Canadian IT consultancy firm and an analyst, when it comes to securing business networks and infrastructures, the channel can help customers be more secure by following four easy steps.

1. More awareness and education

“Many people think that using more technology will solve the (security) problem,” Vincalek said. “It’s awareness and education that does. There’s an abundance of security software and tools in the marketplace and we have to learn to use them smartly.”

2. Involve IT more in business decisions and get them to understand overall business objectives

Often there’s a divide between the IT department and the rest of the business, Vincalek said. To properly secure the network, communication and understanding becomes important, he advises.

3. Use role-based policies and procedures

Partners should help customers set up security practices around role-based policies and procedures,” Vincalek advises.

“Only the people who are authorized should have access to data that’s relevant to their task and role within the business,” he added.

Low also suggests that businesses establish policies and guidelines around the use of corporate laptops and desktops, including figuring out which information can or can’t be given out over e-mail or the phone.

4. Keep it simple

“Less is more,” Vincalek said. “Don’t get too fancy because the more tools you add which are supposed to protect you and your environment, the more complexities are added, which means the end-users require more knowledge.”

Security practices within the business should be simple and easy to use so that employees won’t abuse them, he added.

Businesses should also patch their operating systems, servers and workstations on a regular basis, in addition to installing any relevant updates, but do this first in a test environment, Low suggests.

To increase awareness and promote education efforts, Vincalek said partners can send out newsletters, engage in seminars, and be active on social networks.

“The more aware people are, the better chance they have of making sure their networks stay secure,” he said.


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