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A new online scam targets the hundreds of thousands of unemployed people who use the net to job hunt and those who use it to fill job vacancies.  Scammers are posting fake job ads on Craigslist and the big job sites such as and Careerbuilders and then taking the resumes they receive and selling them.  They are then sold to recruiters all over the world.  These recruiters are told by the scammers that the resumes are all from individuals who are fully vetted and have been thoroughly checked out.

Another type of resume selling scam also involves fake job ads.  When a job hunter responds they are told about several exciting and high paying jobs available to them, but in order to be considered they must pay to have a resume designed and written for them first.  Another waste of time and money.

The third type of resume scam is more malicious.  Scammers post fake job ads, and the resumes they get are harvested for the personal info they contain-addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.  This info is used for phishing and spamming purposes.

If you’re looking for a job online, stick to the well known job sites, put as little personal information on your resume as possible, don’t respond to vague ads, those with lots of grammatical errors, or those that promise high salaries for little experience.  If you respond to an ad and are asked for your SSN or to visit a site and pay for a credit report, don’t!  If you include your email address on your resume, open an account on Yahoo or GMail and use that instead of your primary address – just make sure the username you choose is polite and professional sounding.


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