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I know that there are a lot of systems out there using WS 2003 and now I present to you this Diagnostics utility  that provides an  invaluable information for troubleshooting Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) problems in Internet Information Services (IIS). For example, you can use SSL Diagnostics to troubleshoot problems with certificates by creating a temporary certificate to see if the new certificate resolves the problem. If it does, then you know the problem you’re experiencing with SSL is due to the IIS server’s certificate. You can download the SSL Diagnostics utility from (search for SSLDiag.msi).

When you launch SSL Diagnostics the first time, it queries your server to determine if you have IIS installed, obtains a list of websites defined on your server, and then checks to see if you’ve installed the appropriate certificates (as required by SSL). If you want to perform diagnostics to troubleshoot SSL for a specific website, double-click on that site. SSL Diagnostics checks the website to verify that it supports SSL. If SSL Diagnostics detects any problems, it displays an error number and a detailed description of the message. You can use this information to help you resolve SSL communication problems on your web server.


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