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Source: greentechmedia

54 percent of IT professionals surveyed at big infrastructure companies say they’ve been infiltrated. And it’s getting worse.

Security software vendor McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies today released a report at the World Economic Forum that said that 54 percent of security executives interviewed at oil and gas production fields, power plants and other critical installations for a survey admitted they’ve already suffered large scale attacks from organized crime, terrorists or nation states. In all, 600 were interviewed for the survey.

Worse, we’re being guarded by Paul Blart, Mall Cop. 37 percent said that security has become worse in the past year, a casualty of the economy and shrinking corporate budgets. Cuts have been notably steep in the oil and gas sector. Close to 40 percent expect a major security incident in the next year. The average cost estimated for downtime came to $6.3 million a day. 45 percent added that their regional or local authorities are capable of deterring attacks.

Security is one of the top concerns of the National Institute for Standards and Technology, which wants to solidfy standards for the grid in the next few years, a relatively short am


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