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All firewalls are not created equal (Windows)

Source: NewHorizons

Sure, you have a firewall, but is it giving you all the protection you need? Traditional packet filtering firewalls can only block traffic based on IP addresses and ports (at the Network and Transport layers of the OSI model). Savvy modern attackers can bring down your system or network by exploiting application layer protocols.

To protect against these attacks, you need a firewall that supports application layer filtering (ALF). The problem is that ALF is slow and resource intensive. Consequently, you might want to deploy multiple firewalls, with a fast packet filtering firewall at the internet edge and an ALF firewall on the “back end” of your DMZ.


Take proper steps to secure your keychains (Mac OS X)

Source: NewHorizons

By default, your keychain password is the same as your login account’s password, meaning your keychain is automatically unlocked when you log in. If someone discovers your login credentials, they have access to all the items in your keychain. To secure your keychain, you should change its password so that it’s different from your login account password. Doing so keeps your keychain locked on login, requiring the keychain password to unlock it.

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