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Source: msnbc

Charlie Sheen’s everywhere this week, but the one place you don’t want him is in your computer. Cyber criminals and mischief-makers, realizing the actor is getting lots of online clicks as he’s featured on websites, videos and even on Twitter and Twitpic, may try to lure you to click on a search engine website link that could prove to be dangerous.

“Knowing that millions of people are searching for Charlie Sheen’s most recent video rampage, the bad guys are using the search term ‘Charlie Sheen’ to game the search results through search engine optimization poisoning,” said a spokesman for Invincea, a software security firm.

Criminals are looking to “poison the search results and the link would appear to be taking you to a Charlie Sheen video, when actuality it is directing the user to a malicious site. Most of the time these malicious sites are fake anti-virus attacks … where the user thinks they’re infected when in reality, running the (anti-virus) scan is what installs the malware.”

!!! Be careful if link to Sheen info takes you to supposed ‘anti-virus site’ !!!

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