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Source: techspot

Late last week, hackers gained access to millions of names and email addresses by breaching the security of a marketing giant called Epsilon. If that name doesn’t ring a bell (it didn’t for us), the company apparently provides an email marketing service to major financial institutions and retailers — or as Randy Abrams of ESET so eloquently puts it: “Epsilon is the email machine these companies use to generate massive amounts of something that most people call spam.”

In an effort to spread awareness, ESET has published a handy graphical explanation of how phishing attacks work along with pointers on keeping safe. The two biggest tips are: never give out your passwords and don’t log into pages linked directly via email. Being the web-savvy folks you are, we don’t think you’d fall prey to the woeful cries of a “Nigerian prince,” but you probably know someone that would. You might want to pass this infographic on to those individuals:


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