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Memo to tech departments that were caught flat-footed when people started bringing their iPhones to work: You’d better get ready for the iCloud.

As with the original iPhone, it’s easy to see why a lot of workers would want to use the iCloud for both personal and professional use. Let’s say you’ve been working on a presentation all day and you want to bring it home to edit. Instead of doing so the old-fashioned way — i.e., lugging your company laptop home with you, e-mailing it to yourself or putting it on a flash drive — you’ll soon be able to have it pushed out automatically to all of your iCloud-capable devices, meaning that it will be ready for you on your iPad when you get home.

“iCloud treats the PC as just another device now,” says Patrick Wheeler, a senior product marketing manager for endpoint security at Trend Micro. “It becomes just another thing from which you may be accessing data, so it can let users be productive and access business documents on any of their devices.”

But as with any new technology, there are big risks involved with iCloud since users could potentially upload sensitive corporate data onto the cloud and have it spread to devices that do not have corporate security protocols. And while this risk is present in just about any cloud solution, Wheeler notes that the iCloud’s ability to automatically push out data to multiple devices makes it an even riskier proposition for most business users.

Source: pcworld


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